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Intention Setting 101

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by Joanna Etshokin

intention setting

2020 has been a year like no other. It has altered our lives, and shifted our focus on what we now deem as important. People, places and things that we may have previously taken for granted now play a bigger and more prominent role in our new “normal.” We have had to adapt, be flexible and exude patience as we work through new practices and routines. 

To help us stay grounded and focused in our days, we at HHC have really become drawn to the practice of intention setting. Intention setting is a positive, reaffirming and guiding daily principle that asks us to determine what matters most to us. Daily intentions can change depending on what is going on in our lives. They help to shape our attitudes and give us a steady purpose in the midst of life’s chaos.  They are heartfelt, emotional and powerful. 

How do we at HHC go about setting intentions?  We think about a few things: what matters to us, what we are grateful for, what fears or negative thoughts we want to let go of, what feelings we want to strengthen and nurture and what we want to align ourselves with. Maybe we want to work on feeling more self-confident? Maybe we want to forgive a friend for an action that happened long ago? Maybe we want to have courage to try something new? Maybe we want to show our vulnerabilities with others so they can get to know a deeper part of our heart? Maybe we want to exude self-love? 

Intention setting is a very personal practice and we have found that what has worked best for our team is to find a way to give our intentions LIFE.  Some of us write notes to ourselves on our mirrors, some of us set our phone alarms to go off two or three times a day and we say our intention out loud. Some of us write them down in a journal and reread them several times.   We love that intention setting can be so versatile, and be done in so many ways. 

Our favorite way of making our intentions come to life though are through our bracelets that we have creatively and thoughtfully designed. Each of our bracelets look different and provides special meaning to us. Some of us wear our diffuser bracelets and when we get a whiff of our favorite essential oil aroma on them, we are brought back to our intention or affirmation. Some of us have designed bracelets with meaningful words, names, phrases and colors that we wear either in a stacked collection or by itself with our intention spelled out. 

When setting your intention, take a few moments with your item, and meditate on your intention while holding your item close. Think deeply about what your intention means to you and what it represents in your life. 

If you are ready to begin an intention setting practice and want some ideas, feel free to use some of ours!  

  • My perspective shapes my life.
  • Joy and compassion flow through me.
  • I have courage, faith and infinite love.
  • I will not apologize for choosing myself.
  • I will lovingly embrace my flaws.
  • All possibilities are available to me when I open my eyes.
  • I believe in me.
  • I will shift my energy to only what I can control.
  • I am enough.
  • I will do everything with passion and intention

Post your intentions in the comments section below.  Perhaps you will see your intention paired with a bracelet featured on one of our social media posts. 

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