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Roman Numeral Beaded Bracelet, Custom Date, Personalized Jewelry

Design Your Own | Roman Numeral Letter Bracelet

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Keep an important day or date with you all day, everyday. Customize with your choice of white, black, metallic silver, metallic gold or antiqued rose gold roman numeral beads and your choice of base beads.


  1. Read the below information carefully for a full list of available options
  2. Write your personalization details in the 'Notes' section at checkout in the following format: Letter Bead Color // Roman Numeral 1 // Roman Numeral 2 (optional) // Roman Numeral 3 (optional) // Base Bead Color // Base Bead Size
  3. Please indicate where you'd like any breaks in the number sequence 
  4. Double check that your details are correct before placing your order.  


Your choice of 7MM Letter Bead  and 6MM or 4MM base beads. We recommend shorter Roman Numeral sequences. Please pick from the choices below:

Letter Bead Colors:

  1. Antiqued Rose Gold
  2. Metallic Gold
  3. Metallic Silver
  4. Black (with white letters)
  5. White (with black letters)
  6. Black (with gold letters)
  7. White (with gold letters)
  8. Black (with silver letters)
  9. White (with silver letters)

6MM Base Bead Colors:

  1. Shiny Black
  2. Matte Black
  3. White
  4. Clear
  5. Watermelon
  6. Light Pink
  7. Light Blue
  8. Lime Green
  9. Lavender
  10. Navy Blue
  11. Orange
  12. Aqua
  13. Peach
  14. Yellow
  15. Purple
  16. Gray
  17. Mint
  18. Wood
  19. Pearl
  20. Black Lava Rocks
  21. Gold Hematite
  22. Silver Hematite
  23. Rose Gold Hematite

4MM Base Bead Choices:

  1. 4MM Lava Rocks
  2. 4MM Gold Hematite
  3. 4MM Silver Hematite
  4. 4MM Rose Gold Hematite
  5. 4MM Shiny Black


Store your bracelet in the linen pouch included in your order when not in use and keep in a cool dry place. Do not wear while showering or swimming and DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER.


To prolong the life of your jewelry, please follow the care instructions provided with your order. To prevent excess stretching, wear and tear, we suggest rolling the bracelet down your hand onto your wrist. Use extra care while doing strenuous activities. Please read our FAQ section for more information on caring for your jewelry.


Measure your wrist and choose your size from the drop down menu.  All sizes listed are approximate and should not be considered a substitute for proper measuring. If you do not see your size or need a size in between the ones listed, please select the size closest to yours and leave a note in the ‘Notes’ section at checkout with your requested size. If no note is included, the selected size will be sent.  YOU are responsible for measuring your wrist, providing all appropriate notes, and selecting the proper size. 

These are not diffuser bracelets unless you choose lava rocks as your base beads. 

Please use your own discretion when purchasing these bracelets for small children. Buyer assumes all risks and responsibilities. 

All photos are for display only.  Due to different screen resolutions colors online could vary from those in person.