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Rose Gold and Merlot Diffuser Cuff Bracelet

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Diffuse on the go! These stunning cuff bracelets are made of Rose Gold plated brass with a vegan suede inlay. The suede is attached with an non-toxic, zero VOC Adhesive. They are slightly adjustable and will fit wrist sizes up to 7.5 inches. You are responsible for measuring your wrist to ensure a proper fit. Please see our FAQ section for information and instructions for measuring your wrist.


Merlot Vegan Suede on a Rose Gold Plated Brass Cuff.


To use, add some oil to a cotton swab and then apply the essential oils evenly over the vegan suede. Make sure the oil absorbs completely before wearing and do not allow the oil to touch the metal. Suede may be slightly discolored while wet depending on the color of the suede and the oils used. DO NOT SOAK or over saturate the suede, a few drops of oil go a long way. Scent will last about a day or two. Do not attempt to wash the suede. DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER.


Suede may discolor with use of darker colored oils.  Please use care when selecting your oils. To prolong the life of your diffuser jewelry, please follow the care instructions provided with your order. To prevent the suede  from discoloration and from dirt and debris, please take before doing strenuous activities.

Bracelet does NOT come pre-infused with essential oils, nor is any essential oil provided with your order.

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