How Do I Measure My Wrist? 


The easiest way is to use a tape measure. Simply wrap the tape measure around your wrist and note the measurement in inches. If you like a snug fit, use the exact measurement or add .25 inches.  If you'd like a looser fit add .25 - .5 inches to your measurement. In the absence of a tape measure, use a piece of string. Wrap it around your wrist and note the size of the string, then compare that size next to a ruler. Please do not estimate or count beads of another bracelet.  


When Will the Antiqued Rose Gold Letters, White & Gold Letters, Etc.. Be Back In Stock? 


We here at HHC are subject to the same postal delays and supply chain issues as the rest of the world and frequently the most straight forward delivery gets interrupted by forces out of our control.  If an item is listed as out of stock, you can sign up for for a restock notification right there on the item's page. If its on the site and coming up as OOS it WILL be back at some point. You can also follow us on Instagram, @harpershandmadeco, as we constantly update our stories and story highlights with up to the minute restock information! 


I Ordered the Wrong Size, What Do I Do?


Since all of our items are handmade, just for you at the time of purchase, we cannot offer exchanges.  If you ordered the wrong size there are two things you can do:

  1. You can keep it and gift it to someone else and reorder your item in the correct size. 
  2. We will restring your bracelet for you in the correct size, but YOU are responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to us, as well as the cost to ship the time back out to you.  The item must be sent back USPS First Class Mail, with a Tracking Number.  Purchase our Resize listing to start the Resizing process. 


 How Do I Use and Care For My Diffuser Jewelry? 


Lay your bracelet flat and add a drop or two of essential oil to the porous element of your jewelry.  For a more precise application, use a cotton swab or pipette.  Use a dry cloth to absorb any excess oil before you put on your jewelry.  Store your jewelry in a cool dry place.  Roll the bracelet down over your hand onto your wrist to avoid excess stretching and don't like little ones tug and pull and the bracelet and it can cause over-stretching. Do not wear while sleeping or doing strenuous activities. 


How Do I Use and Care For my Jewelry with Plated Metallic Elements?


All Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Hematite beads and elements are PLATED and not filled. This means that a layer of Gold, Rose Gold and Silver is added through a process called electroplating onto hematite. All plated metals will wear over time and to keep your metallic elements looking shiny and new, for as long as possible, it is imperative that you refrain from scratching, scraping, and rubbing the beads. Consider wearing your jewelry on your left hand if you are right-handed and your right hand if you are left handed to minimize excess friction. Do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals, soaps, scrubs, and lotions on or near the beads.  Do not wear while exercising, washing your hands or while showering as perspiration from your skin or any damp or wet environment will cause the beads to discolor, quicker. To clean, wipe with a dry microfiber cloth and store in a cool dry place when not in use.  Please remember that everybody reacts to metals differently, and your unique body chemistry plays a roll in maintaining your items as well. 


My Tracking Says My Package Was Delivered But I Didn't Get It.  What Do I Do?


If your tracking info says your package was delivered, but you don't have it, please do the following before contacting us (we don't have any more information than you do):

• Ask your neighbors if they may have gotten it by accident. 

• Consider if someone else in your household might have picked it up or received    it and put it somewhere unexpected.
• Look around at all the doors of your house (sometimes packages get left at a  side door or porch, or fall off the steps).
•Talk to your postal carrier and your local post office to see if they have any more information.


Do You Offer Returns? 


No, We Do Not Offer Returns!  Yup, you read that right! Besides the fact that reverse shipping accounts for over 5 billion pounds of landfill waste annually, each item is made individually for you, at the time of purchase and cannot be resold. It is up to you to read the item description carefully and make sure it is what you are looking for.  If you have a problem with your order, please let know within 5 Days of receipt and we will work together to find a solution.  All emails must be sent to HarpersHandmadeCo.CustomerCare@gmail.com and include your Order Number. Any attempts to force a return will not be accepted.


Can You Expedite My Order? 


Yes, there are 2 ways to expedite your order. First, you may upgrade to Priority or Priority Express Shipping at checkout. This will expedite your shipping once we ship it out.  Please note that it doesn't not bump you to the front of the production queue. If you need your item faster then our standard 10-12 business day production time, please let us know before you purchase and if we can accommodate your request, you may then purchase the 'Expedite my order' listing. This is the only way to expedite the processing of your order. It will also automatically upgrade your shipping to USPS 1-3 day Priority. Please understand that once we drop your parcel at the post office it is out of our hands. We do not have control over the USPS and cannot guarantee their ability to deliver your package by any date. 


I'm Buying for Multiple People and Need More Instruction & Recipe Cards, How Do I Order Them? 


Its Easy!  Per our Policies, ONLY ONE, instruction card and recipe card are included with your order and all bracelets are packaged together.  If you need more then one card or separate packages, please let us know in the 'Notes' Section at checkout.  


Where Do You Order Your Beads and Gemstones From? 


We're so glad you like our items, but that information is proprietary and we do not disclose it. It has taken us a lot of time, energy, trial and error and sizable fortune to find reputable suppliers we trust with a quality product. Additionally our suppliers' MOQ's are in the hundreds, even thousands, so chances are you'd be unable to purchase from them anyway. If you like our products, please don't try and recreate them, purchase them from us and support a small business! Any attempt to copy or duplicate our items will be subject to legal action.  


My Letter Beads Aren't Laying Flat.  How Do I Make Them Lay Flat? 


Unfortunately they may not lay flat all the time or you may have some lay flat and not others. This is completely normal. If absolutely none of the letters are laying flat at any time, it may be a sign that your bracelet is the wrong sizer you are simply wearing too many bracelets are one time and they do not have the adequate space to lay flat. If the beads appear to have enough space, take a moment to assess the size of your bracelet and see if it feels too loose or two tight.  Take a quick measurement and consider having your bracelet resized.  Click HERE to learn more about the resizing process. 


Do You Offer a Discount For First Time Purchases? 


No, there are no discounts for first time purchases.  The best way to save on your HHC purchases is to join our loyalty rewards program where you can accrue points for every dollar you spend and for following us on popular social media platforms.  Points can then be used like cash on all future purchases.  For more information on HHC Loyalty Rewards, Click the shopping bag icon in the bottom right hand corner of the home page screen. 


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