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Inhale. Exhale.

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This has been my mantra the past 2 weeks.  

I want to take a second to apologize for our absence on social lately.  The past two weeks I’ve been dealt a series of personal and professional blows, each one more gut wrenching than the last.  Everything from complete supply chain breakdown, health concerns, tech issues, mental health concerns for myself, family and friends, a job loss and subsequent health care coverage loss, quarantines and the list goes on. The anxiety all of this uncertainty and stress have tested and tried every fiber of my being and sadly I’m certain I’m not the only one dealing with some or all of these issues, nor will I be alone in them during the coming weeks. 

All of this to say the following:

If you’ve placed an order and have not received it, you will  soon!  Every waking moment is being spent overcoming the hurdles we’ve faced the past 2 weeks as a result of the complete shut down of our corner of society and we are working hard to get things out to you.

To those of you that have noticed our absence and checked on me - Thank you.  Your kindness has meant more to me that I think you’ll ever know.

Be kind to each other. You really never truly know what’s going on in someone’s life and how your words can and will affect them.  These are truly unprecedented, strange times and we’re ALL in this together.

We’ll be back on a regular schedule soon (hopefully) with new products, a renewed sense of what is really important in life and a lot more love and appreciation for all the things in life I took for granted before. I wish you all health, wellness and a speedy return to normal life - whatever that may look like for you. 



And wash your hands. 



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