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Meet Kristen

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Kristen is an entrepreneur and creative boss babe who currently lives in New Jersey just outside of New York City. When she is not busy creating and designing her beautiful jewelry line, she is most excited to spend her time with her husband and two children. Prior to starting her jewelry business, Kristen used to live in Los Angeles and work on a television show called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC. She loved this work immensely, and while it was incredibly difficult and demanding at times, knowing the team was making such a huge difference in people’s lives made the long hours on set worth it.  Her time with ABC allowed Kristen to have some amazing opportunities which included meeting and hanging out with the Muppets as part of a shoot, which she claims was the “coolest experience of my life.”

Kristen started Harpers Handmade Co. sort of by accident.  She fell in love with essential oils and began using them where and whenever she could.  Kristen quickly realized she needed a way to diffuse her essential oils in a corporate environment, and she found nothing that fit her unique style and vibe.  She started creating oil diffuser bracelets and when she started to get compliments from others, she began selling them on Etsy.  Kristen’s business started to take off when she expanded her brand to include retro letter bead bracelets (much to the happiness and encouragement of her daughter) to her shop.  In 2019, Kristen took her business to an even higher level by expanding her collection to include stack bracelets, and countless customized options to the already popular Luxe Letter Collection.  Currently, Harpers Handmade Co has one of the largest selections of customized letter bead bracelets and online and has begun to expand into skin care items, diffuser accessories and crystals. 

Her favorite movie is Back to the Future and she can never watch one without watching the other two. She is a huge fan of TLC reality shows, Starbucks (all coffee really—boss babes run high on quality caffeinated drinks), margaritas and has been to Walt Disney World so many times she's lost count. She dislikes rude people, anything kale related and places that do not have drive-through windows (mama’s with kids in car seats certainly can understand this).

Over the years, Kristen has realized that her favorite part of her business is hearing the stories of the many people who have purchased her jewelry.  She loves to know WHO the names on the bracelets represent and WHAT the different sayings and words on each bracelet mean.  She is proud to say that each item of jewelry is handmade with great love and care. She continues to hope that her creations bring her customers the same amount of joy wearing them that she finds in creating them.

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