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What is Diffuser Jewelry?

Posted by Kristen Pruiksma on

Our mission here at HHC is to inspire wellness through diffuser jewelry, accessories and personalized keepsakes.  It dawned on me this morning that we most likely have people here that have never heard of essential oils, or diffuser jewelry and have no idea what we're talking about.

While the concept of 'wellness' is different to everyone, essential oils are becoming more and more mainstream and more and more people are incorporating them into their daily routines, so its no surprise that questions about diffuser jewelry and how they can add to your oily routine come up frequently  - even amongst the most experienced oilers.

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants.  They capture the plant's scent, and flavor - the overall properties or "essence" of the plant.  They are extracted in a variety of ways (we'll get into that another day) and can be used topically or aromatically.  Essential Oils can be used for a whole host of things - seasonal support, sleep support, immune support, the list goes on and on.  

Diffuser jewelry contains porous elements, either lava rocks, sponge coral, faux suede, leather, wood, etc... These porous elements absorb essential oils and slowly release the scent throughout the day. The more oil you add to your jewelry, the stronger the scent, and the longer it will last.  You can layer the oils to create blends, just like you would in a table top diffuser or use one oil at a time and switch it up every day according to your needs. 

Why do I need diffuser jewelry when I can just run my diffuser you ask? Well I don't know about you but I'm not home all day, or at all some days. I'm a mom with little kids, constantly running back and forth to school, activities and PTO commitments.  I'm a business owner running back and forth to my office, and in and out of meetings.  There are days when I'm hardly at home at all let alone in one place long enough to even open a bottle of oil and smell it.  Wearing a diffuser bracelet or necklace (or even diffuser earrings) allows you to seamlessly incorporate essential oils and their benefits into all aspects of your life, all day long.  In fact, HHC was born out of wanting to diffuse essential oils during the day at work, but not being able to use a table top diffuser in a corporate environment.  Another benefit of diffuser jewelry, if you love a particular oil, but your significant other or child does not, you can still use it around them without it causing them discomfort.  Plus, diffuser jewelry is a fantastic conversation starter and a great way to introduce someone new to oils. 

Like oils however, not all diffuser jewelry is created equal! Lava rocks that you buy in craft stores or on Amazon (no shade Amazon, you know I still love you), often times aren't real lava and if they are, they're loaded with chemical filled waxes to fix their shape and give them a glossy finish, which makes them pretty useless when it comes to absorbing oils. If you're spending your hard earned money on oils so you can reduce your chemical intake and live a life focused on overall wellness, but not giving a second thought about the products you are using in conjunction with those oils you're doing it wrong friends.  

Do you use diffuser jewelry? What blends do you use to get through the day? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear from you! 




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